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  • This video is a step-by-step explanation of the credible fear determination process.
  • Ethical Issues in Representing Children in Immigration Proceedings

    This practice advisory provides a summary of ethical guidance on some of the more common questions that practitioners have raised.
  • FAQ

    FAQ for attorneys new to children's immigration and for those interested in finding a volunteer opportunity.
  • How to Represent Unaccompanied Minors in Removal Proceedings

    This Powerpoint gives an overview of removal proceedings and common forms of relief.
  • Overview of the various forms of immigration status under U.S. law.
  • 90-minute e-learning course for new attorneys on UAC topics and immigration court.
  • Training Manual: Introduction to Immigration Law

    Overview of the pathways by which immigrants gain status.
  • In collaboration with other nonprofits, CLINIC is monitoring developments related to the administration’s announced plans to target parents and family members of children who entered the United States without permission. This will help us develop strategies to assist affected families. If your organization is aware of a situation where a child’s family member has been targeted for enforcement due to alleged participation in “smuggling” of the child, please complete the web form below to help us shape our ...
  • This webinar discusses the deportation system for children; the attorney-client relationship and ethical considerations; working with children who are traumatized; best practices for screening; and options for relief, with a focus on Special Immigrant Juvenile Status and asylum. The panelists are Hayley Upshaw, Senior Attorney, Legal Services for Children; Kristen Jackson, Senior Attorney, Public Counsel; and Erin Maxwell, Social Worker, Legal Services for Children. The moderator is Angie Junck, Supervisi ...
  • This webinar will help attorneys and other professionals who are new to immigration law understand removal proceedings in immigration court.